STEAM Level I: Early years

Year/Grade 1-3 (Ages 5-7)

Early years Arts & Sciences

This workshop aims to arouse the interest of children from 5 to 7 years old in scientific exploration and material manipulation.

From coloring to cutting and pasting, learning to work with tools is crucial from very early childhood. The development of intelligence is correlated with the development of hand-eye coordination. Producing quality manual work requires a great deal of attention and concentration. Intellectual resources are therefore fully used.

In this workshop, the children will discover through physical exploration, the magic of reality: properties, states and transformation of matter; mass & density; motion, acceleration, friction, gravity; light and color; plants & animals, etc.

Mind, Body & Soul : Yoga 4 Kids

The benefits of Yoga for children and young people are proven, both in terms of concentration, relaxation, but also in improved self-esteem. Through fun and interactive excercises, children will discover the benefits of Yoga, improving balance, coordination, and flexibility.

During this workshop, children will have the opportunity to discover that there is not one form of intelligence but multiple intelligences. We all have a bouquet of nine intelligences: body, interpersonal and intrapersonal, logical, verbal-linguistic, visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic, naturalistic and existential. Through fun exercises, children will explore these nine intelligences.

Through this workshop, children will learn more about their body, and learn to live in harmony with themselves and others.

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